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Your personal essay may be the hardest part of your application to complete. But, it is also where you can stand out from the crowd.
The key to writing a strong essay is to be personal and specific. Include details about yourself so the reader can get to know who “you” are and what you stand for. Be truthful and honest.

Scholarship selection committees may have hundreds of essays to review. It is your job to get their attention. Here are tips that may help you:

Think before you write.

Brainstorm to generate
some good ideas.

Create an outline to help
you get going.

Address specific questions


"I am honored to have received the William and Colleen Mee scholarship. It's great to live in a community of people who care about their students and their

future success. Someday I hope to give back to the community like William and Colleen Mee have."

- Levi Hawes



Be punctual and check the interview location before leaving home.

Dress appropriately as if applying for a job, not too casually or dressy.

Be prepared to discuss your academic

Be brief and honest with your answers.
Have questions ready to ask the interviewer(s).




Need help? Contact your high school guidance counselor or Robin Cowles at FACF, by email: rcowles@tfacf.org or call 231.924.5350